Independent Web Comics

» Brawl in the Family by Matthew Taranto

» Bunny by H. Davies

» Little League by Yale Stewart

» VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair

Publishers & Distributors

» See the Online Retailers section for an extensive list.

Game Companies

» Catalyst Game Labs

» Chessex

» Cubicle 7

» Eden studios Inc.

» Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

» Mayfair Games

» Mongoose Publishing

» Paizo

» Palladium Books

» Playroom Entertainment

» Privateer Press

» Rio Grande Games

» Steve Jackson Games

» Twilight Creations Inc.

» White Wolf

» Wizards of the Coast

» WizKids

» Z-Man Games

Toys & Collectibles

» Art Asylum

» Canadian Legends

» DC Direct

» Diamond Select Toys

» Dynamic Forces

» Hasbro

» Hot Wheels

» McFarlane Toys

» Mezco


» Sideshow Collectibles

» Sixteen 12 Collectibles Ltd.

» Stikfas

» Uglydoll

Resources for Teachers and Students

» Classic Comics
  • This site offers free downloads for several of the publishers of Shakespeare adaptations along with study guides. The "links" tab leads to articles and sites that explore literacy and graphic novels. "Shakespeare learning Commons," is a Canadian site featuring a large collection of online resources for teaching works of Shakespeare.

» Comic Book Resources
  • Contains news, reviews and other resources. 

» Get Graphic
  • Created for educators, this site provides resources for using graphic novels in educational settings.

Miscellaneous Goodies

» The Death and Return of Superman by Max Landis (Much thanks to Heather McPherson for this one!) DISCLAIMER: Contains explicit language.