Middle School

» Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel adapted by Sean Michael Wilson; Illustrated by Mike Collins, David Roach, & James Offredi (2008)

» Alexander Dumas’ The Man in the Iron Mask adapted by Roy Thomas; Illustrated by Hugo Petrus, Tom Palmer, & June Chung (2009)

» William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet adapted by Philip Page & Marilyn Petit; illustrated by Philip Page. (2005)

» Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: The Graphic Novel adapted by Jason Cobley; Edited by Clive Bryant; Illustrated by Declan Shalvey, John Howard, Jason Cardy, Kat Nicholson, and Terry Wiley;  Translated by Jow Sutliff Sanders; Designed by Jo Wheeler (2008)

» Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island ddapted by Roy Thomas; Illustrated by Mario Gully. (2009)



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